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Skydose (Team)

Skydose teledosimetry system (Team Version)

SkyDose is an operational dosimetric system designed for a real-time monitoring of doses absorbed by a response team working in a high-exposure area. This system can improve intervention conditions, decrease risks and exposure.

The mesh-structure network, flexible but sturdy, can reliably cover a whole building (like a reactor building) by attaching routers.

It allows a 8 people team on-the-field follow-up thanks to industrial terminal type monitoring modules, the whole team can be followed from a monitoring PC.

It is a simple system, including up to 8 Saphydose Gamma i RT teledosimeters, a follow-up module and routers that increase network range, that can be deployed easily (in a few minutes) inside as well as outside, without any specific training (automatic connection).


Dosimetric performance similar to Saphydose Gamma i electronic dosimeter
Radiation type
X and Gamma
Detector type
2 energy-compensated silicon diodes
Dose measurement range
From 1 µSv to 9 999,9 mSv
Dose rate measurement range
From 0,5 µSv/h to 5 Sv/h
Energy range
From 50 keV to 7 MeV
Sound and visual
Local monitoring module
Industrial PDA
Battery lifetime when operating
> 8 hours
Radio range
150 m

RT-ZB90 router
Battery lifetime when operating
> 90 days
Radio range
300 m

GTW-ZB teledosimetry gateway

Network coordinator
Network connection
Via a RS485 wired link
Radio range
300 m

Data sheet :

pdf Skydose datasheet [09/10/2015 10:09] 302 Ko.
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